Powering Your Family’s Growth

Our Rarest Rice

We go where our hearts take us. Ours reach for the rice fields. We travel to the ends of the earth in search of aromatic rice. We discover rice so fine that we feel compelled to bring home and share with our loved ones. Because home is where the heart is!

Protecting our Heritage!

Merry’s Gold is meticulously selected to give a sense of place – home. We package the flavour of Pure Pishori delicately into a signature brand that resonates with our African Heritage.  With each meal comes the reassuring reminder of what we are made of! Your heart beats for home, ours for quality.

More than just a meal!

It’s surprising how the art of cooking brings the family together. Yet every art hinges on a solid foundation. The perfect Merry’s Gold helps unlock this potential. Let’s celebrate the awesomeness in Kenya’s finest pishori.

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