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Who We Are

The journey of preparing a compelling meal is one filled with a million little joys. And we, at Magna Pater, are at the heart of it. Our story is the Kenyan story – being one with nature, obsessively passionate about our heritage, and decidedly loyal. The belief that a variety so fine and sensational as the rare pishori should be shared with others.

Like you, we believe every meal is a story of merry; a moment to share family values and experiences. We dare to link a million little stories to one national narrative – One of patriotism, hard work, and dedication to quality. Our rice masters have perfected the art of growing, processing and packaging unblended Pishori for you and your family. Our signature brand, Merry’s Gold, is specially made to power the family.

Magna Pater is Loyal

We like to believe we are the guardians of our heritage. And from the onset we have been working with farmers, our loyal customers and stakeholders to make the legendary tradition flourish. Our farming community believes in nurturing the craft of growing and preserving our treasure. We believe in giving back to our farmers through fair prices and farming advice. Our relationship is unique, and deeply symbiotic.

Our Heritage Lives On

Unlike other varieties, Pishori is delicate. It demands lots of love and affection as it grows. Yet, it rewards in ways no writer has been able to put to words. It’s a story that can only be told by you; a craft that can only be passed down from generation to generation. It’s a treasure to those who grow as it is to those who cook. Together we rush our tides and walk our heritage in the face of the earth


To develop memorable meal experiences through provision of quality and affordable food products that aim at protecting our heritage.


To be the leading company in providing quality food products, creating value for customers and making lasting meal experiences.


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About Us

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