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13 Reasons why Magna Pater Should Be Your Go-to Blog for Learning Kitchen Secrets

Merrys Gold Pure Pishori Rice - Kitchen secrets, Pearl, Jamii, Dawaat, Capwell, Mjengo

  1. Magna Pater primarily deals with food products. Thus, we have acquired rich knowledge about food as well as most of the things related to food. Simply put, we are in the food industry what the lion is in the jungle. Stay with us!
  2. Buy local build local. Sounds familiar? Magna Pater sources its Pishori Rice locally (Mwea) thus promoting local farmers. This means we will provide a lot of information in regards to indigenous ways, values, and systems.
  3. Great rice dishes start with selection of good rice. Magna Pater posts will help you with important tips on how to choose the best rice in the market. Doubt? Let’s check here!
  4. Like local wine, our articles are brewed and served by experienced sommeliers with vast knowledge and experience in the local setting. This makes it easy for the readers to resonate with our narratives. Put differently, here it feels like home.
  5. At Magna Pater, we believe that during meal times, you not only share meals but also family values, principles, and experience that makes you unique as a social unit. As such, we will provide insight on how to improve the family bond.
  6. Our Pishori rice is of superior quality. In a world full of imitations, we value authenticity and Magna Pater offers products that measure up to quality standards. We keep it pure!
  7. Affordability is another trait that differentiates Magna Pater from its competitors. We understand the economic challenges faced by Kenyans everyday thus our articles will guide you on affordable, yet healthy food products and kitchenware.
  8. Magna Pater understands your tight work schedules and elusive work-life balance thus improves your convenience through informative articles on different types of food products that are a time saver.
  9. With the upsurge in lifestyle diseases and health conditions, Magna Pater blogs will offer tips on healthy foods and how to reduce the risk of such diseases. Remember the mantra, “we are what we eat”.
  10.  Magna Pater will provide information about particular ingredients, how they are used, as well as recommendations on the best ingredients for specific dishes.
  11. Who doesn’t love random stories? We will write stories about the inspiration and significance behind different types of food.
  12. Our blog posts will offer interactivity with our readers through questions and answers, engagement on the comment section, etc.
  13. Magna Pater posts will provide the readers with tips on how to have the best outcome when it comes to following recipes and give stories on how first time trial recipes turned out.

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