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Rice Grains That Appeal to Your Senses

What’s in a name? That which we call rice by any other name would smell – and taste – just as sweet.  It’s estimated that at least half of the world’s population indulges in rice. It’s the universal language that entwines distant villages, whether by way of sneaky recipes or inter-continental trade. It’s the fabric that joins haves and have nots in the society.  But like the lion prides self in being the king of the jungle, there’s a variety of rice that has stood the test of time: Pishori.

Like many Kenyans, I have a soft spot for Pishori rice, in part because it’s a wholesome grain. But also because it’s the hallmark of the Kenyan heritage. Pishori comes to us trailing strong aroma and distinctive sweet taste. And we delight in it. It grows exclusively in Mwea, with waters from the snows of Mt. Kenya flowing through the rich volcanic soil of Kirinyaga. For years, it has been a puzzle only our soil can crack; a craft so deep only our waters can fathom.  Only when we confess the delight in having it can we recognize it’s a gift.

At the heart of Pishori rice is Merry’s Gold, a brand that is as irresistible as it is versatile. You hardly go wrong with pishori rice, but this one here is a rare grain. A polished gem.  A happy choice. It’s intoxicatingly gorgeous and aesthetically flattering. Merry’s Gold Pishori rice is inspired by the
resilience of Kenyans. It’s a patriotic brand that has gone through a rigorous process of sorting and ripening to build up the unique characteristics. When cooked, Merry’s Gold stands out. It’s fluffy. And confident. For many-a-chef, Merry’s Gold revives the art of cooking. For serious eaters, Merry’s Gold is a sanctuary; a meal to indulge in. Some crave it as the ultimate breakfast cereal, yet others feast on it for lunch and dinner, day in day out. Yet, for all, it’s seductively wild and aromatic; a must-have add-on in the food basket.

But just how versatile is Merry’s Gold Pishori Rice?

Merry’s Gold Pishori rice has been the cornerstone of the Kenyan cuisines because, well, it is in tune with your unique taste. Whether you are planning a fiery coastal biryani, or chicken curry, Merry’s Gold pishori rice is never far away. Whether you want to enjoy plain rice with wet fish, or the irresistible rice with beef curry, Merry’s Gold rice provides the perfect base. Whether preparing a single pot vegetable rice wonder or a hearty party buffet, you are in good hands. Whether trying the daredevil chilli sauce or  enjoying seasoned chicken, we have your back with our incredibly versatile
pishori rice.

Just how do you like your rice? One pot wonder or quick fix mseto rice? With peas or chicken curry? With sizzling spice or garnished curry? Do you go with a hint of chilli or just the right amount of  sweetness? You can even tweak the spices to appeal to your palate! In other words, whichever way, you can’t go overboard with Merry’s Gold.


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