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Merry’s Gold: Our Journey With You

Where it All Began – 2019

The jury is back. The foodies have spoken. Merry’s Gold has it! We introduced pure Pishori rice in 2019 to rice loving families from around the country, who were in an unending mission to find the perfect pishori but couldn’t get. When Merry’s Gold hit the shelves it was an instant hit. At last a brand that was unapologetically local and naturally pure had checked in! It had no preservatives (Do people still add those chemicals?). The only added stuff was convenience. Delicious stuff happened in our kitchens. We loved it. You inspired us.

Fast forward. Life has moved fast, and so has Merry’s Gold. We have walked with you every step of the way. You helped us wear our package better by giving us instrumental feedback on the design. Look at our award winning package now! It’s brilliant. And flattering. You love it so much, and so do we. We did it together!

We Have Stayed True!

At all times, it’s the little things we do that matter. In rice packaging, it’s the little things we don’t add that matter. We have stayed true to our mantra: Protecting our heritage. The belief that a product so great and pure as Pishori rice must be taken from the farm to your kitchen unchanged. Our mission is simple: Keep it Pure. Oh, and we mature it for you! How nice. That’s why it’s yummy; so awesome you can have it anytime, anywhere, as long as you feel like tempting your taste buds.

We Lead the Pack!

Our growth curve has been amazing! Sometimes it feels like we are a little ahead of the curve. In two short years, Merry’s Gold has claimed her spot as Kenya’s best pishori rice. We are so happy to find a place at the heart of dining tables. The leaders in the hotel industry believe in us and so does the house on the hill! Yes it does. But it’s you who keep us innovating. Because you deserve the best. Because we are Kenyan.

Why seek the best?

We all relish a good meal, whether you are a foodie or not.  A perfect meal is more than just food. It’s a story that connects us to generations, places, cultures and events.  It is a memory. Jollof rice is to Nigeria what Banku is to Ghana or Luwombo to Uganda. Biryani and Shawarma give us a Coastal fever. Food is such a huge part of our culture. We identify with it. Our culture is who we are! It’s this diversity that makes the world a better place


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