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Merry's Gold Rice

Merry, Gold Pishori, Pearl pishori, Jamii Rice, kenya Mwea Pishori Rice,

Magna Pater, Kenya

Merry’s Gold

Whenever you think rice, think Merry’s Gold. A serving of Pishori in its purest form. Merry’s Gold is a healthy Super grain; unique for its aroma and superior in taste. Pishori is grown with waters from the slopes of Mt. Kenya which pass through the volcanic soil to give the rice an irresistible taste.

Best of the Best

Pishori grows exclusively in Mwea, on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. Even there, only a single harvest is possible in a year. It’s a delicate plant that demands constant love, care and affection. Yet, the delicate nature allows the plant to develop its characteristic shape, taste and aroma.    

Merry’s Gold is sensational

Pishori is literally translated as “Superior”. It is specially grown to appeal to your senses. The long, slender grain offers the mouth a distinctive feel and taste. Extracted from the finest, Merry’s Gold is like the lion of rice.

Stands the Test of Time

Pishori is a precious grain primed and bred several decades ago. It has been passed from generation to generation, with each successive generation preserving the craft in its most pristine form.  It’s not just rice, it’s legendary tradition, our heritage.

Like wine, Pishori matures with age, and relies entirely on nature for the unique characteristics. Mery’s Gold is matured for years before carefully milling, resulting in a rich flavour.

Kitchen Delights

Cooking Merry’s Gold rice is a memorable experience, and rightly so. We specially handpick our paddy rice, rejecting the green and broken grains that would otherwise make the rice sticky. We then store our premium grains for at least three years before carefully milling.

A Healthy Serving

Merry’s Gold contains all eight essential amino acids, carbohydrate and folic acid. It is gluten-free, and low in fat. It is cholesterol-free, making it a brand of choice for healthy eating. It has a low glycemic index (GI), meaning that energy is released gradually and steadily, leading to prolonged and balanced energy level.

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